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    Arrow cycle advice

    hey guys! i feel as if i am ready to do my first cycle!
    From what i have read deca+dbol is a very common mass cycle. I was also going to add a test base to avoid deca's potential sexual sideeffects. But now after reading differents user posts it seems like its not such a good idea! Most of the people i have spoken to said that deca is highly overrated and is defenitely not a good place to start. I am confused because this cycle can be found on many steroid websites. My second question is about deca dosage. I have read numerous times that a first time user should not exceed 200mgs of deca a week, though a lot of people i spoke to said that 200 isnt gonna do much and should do 400. For pct i plan to run HCG. Nolva would probably do the trick but i dont want to risk it. I would appreciate it somebody cleared this up for me. This is what i have for now:
    1-4 dbol 20mgs
    1-10 deca 200
    1-10 enanthate 250

    180lbs, 5'7"

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    U dont need to stack if its your first cycle. Test would be enough on its own. Do it at 500mg for 10 weeks,

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    ditto...for a first cycle use test enanthate at 500 mg/wk for 10-12 weeks....that's it
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    HCG while on cycle, it wouldn't be good for PCT because it is suppressive. I don't understand what risk is their with Nolva? Do you know something about one of the most commonly used PCT drugs that we do not know? If so please share. Unless, you are referring to Nolva being a little hard on the liver, but I do not think you were.

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    are you saying that hcg isnt better for restoring test then nolva?

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    When you do this should you put it all in one hole? Why do people say to put half in one arm and half in other?

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