Ok Now I Understand

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    Ok Now I Understand

    Today I switched from Mexico's 4-la to the real sus 250mg and shoot 1.5 cc. Must admit I was mixing w/ deca until today. Well I just thought what a lot of cry babies who say The pain from sus.

    OK NOW I UNDERSTAND what you all have been talking about. I shoot at 7:30 am. I've been on this computer now for 2 1/2 hours. just got up about 10 min's ago and almost feel over when i couldn't walk. Note This was also the first time i shoot the thigh

    My appologies for all my dumb fxcking thoughts

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    Like in my PM I never found a good spot in the quads, I just gave up on doing them that way, period.

    I've done Ttokkyo sustanon and it was not that bad pain wise.

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    Hey old man I've shot in both quads with good luck. I was shooting prop too. What I did was stand up and put my arms to my sides. Where my middle finder ends I push down then sit down. I make a visual mark of where my finger ended up. This should be about 2/3 the way down your quad. Make sure you are shooting on the side of the quad and not the top. I use a 1" pin and shoot 1.5cc of prop. The first day of the injection I have no pain at all...the second and third day I get sore and its a little painful to go down stairs, but not that bad just walking around. I use a heating pad for 15 minutes ED on injection site and use a massager for 15 minutes before bed. During the day when I get up to do things I stretch it out. This seems to work for me, and the injections are not that bad. Maybe its a thing that is different for everyone.

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