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Been off a long time where do i start????

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    Been off a long time where do i start????

    Hello everyone, I popped my shoulder about 8-9 months ago and i am 100% again. the problem is i have not done much of physical fitness in this time, and i am ready to start back. What i am wondering is how should i start off again. I definetly need to lose a few lbs.. Should i try a 3 day cardio and 3 day weight training? Also i would like to know about my diet. Should i just pick a day a start full fledged. Could someone please give me some suggestions as i am coming back feeling like i am in unfamiliar territory as i have never really been over weight and i am not sure where to start here. All help would be appreciated!!!!!

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    First and foremost you need to listen to your body once you do get back into the gym. I would be very careful with that shoulder and really start out light with weight training. A good balanced approach is probably the way to go. You may even want to start off with more cardio than weights to begin with, just to shed a few pounds and get some stamina and overall conditioning back.

    When you do start with the weights, I would do a total body "circuit-like" routine for a while... Start back slowly, get sore...ease into things. Once you've done that, and your shoulder feels up to it...get back into it like you were used to.

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