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    Loose skin

    Hi everybody. I am new here and have so many questions, so I will try to just be right to the point. I am 5'9", 180 lbs, 21% b.f. I was heavier which leaves me with loose skin over the abs. I feel like a bodybuilding wrinkles dog..that dog can train hardcore, but all that skin hides the results. Is it possible to get rid of the loose skin folds? My arms look great and so do my legs, it's just that blasted midsection. I am trying to bulk now, so eating carbs, but a very clean diet. I cut down drastically on my cardio(gets so boorrriinng ), so maybe that's the problem..??? Trained to enter the coast guard a few months ago and cut down drastically on my carbs, but it made me so sick when I dropped to 170lbs, but maybe that's because I lost 12lbs in 20 days(crash loss). Hmmm, my body is so weird and different from other women b/c I am so thick and heavy with solid mass that I confuse myself on how to train. Are any of you built the same way and how do we train for our thick body types? If I need to be more specific in any area please let me know. Thanks.

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    Vitamin E oil will help a bit but mostly it takes time. There is a possibility that you've lost elasticity in the skin, especially if you see stretch marks. Depending upon how much extra skin you are talking about then surgery is the only real option.

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    I'm 5'9" 170 and around 9-10% bf and I still have fat on my chest

    Could that be loose skin?
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