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    hyper thyroid

    I am not sure how to get to the discussion's on thyroid. But if anyone reads this I am now 23 and have 2 beautiful daughters. I have been really thin forever and rather active but after a while I get really worn down, but still can't go to sleep. I can't remember when I didn't feel like my heart was beating out of my chest. I started passing out on occasion when I was 9. I went for a check up with my doctor now that my youngest is 4 months old and they found that I have hyper thyroid. I had been checked when I was 17, but the drs didn't find anything wrong. I was an advanced student all through school and started College early. My first year of College I noticed my concentration slipping along with my memory yet no one thought anything of it. After I had my 3 year old I was wearing size 16 in little girls. I was embarrased and tried talking about it but no one wanted to listen. they would say I have been blessed or that I was just bragging although it made me feel inferior. Now any large amount of stress will make my heart race even more and I will have to sit, if I don't I will pass out.

    Along with all of this I am like a time bomb ticking. I have mood swings like no other. The littlest problem will make me so angry I feel like I am going to get sick. It sounds like other people have had and are having similar problems. I just hope that the Drs. are able to treat this and not look past it.

    It isn't so bad loosing weight right after I have a child but loosing on average 6lbs a week can soon be a problem. And having memory problems is making nursing school quite a challange.


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    Mood swings? Anxiety and depression too? I don´t think this part comes from hyper thyroid.

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    Have you seen a doctor yet? Have you had your TSH, T3 & T4 tested? There are medicines that can treat this.

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