Noob from the good ol' United Kingdom

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    Noob from the good ol' United Kingdom

    Hey people.

    Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself seeing as I am new to your forum.

    A bit about me:
    I've been looking to get into better shape for some time now, Im pretty fit in terms of aerobic excercise as I used to run long distance for my school and still play soccer a fair amount (well, when its not bitterley cold I do anyway) but my stomach has always been a bit 'podgy' and the rest of me has always been fairly 'spindly' (have that oh so wonderful stickman with pot belly look.. yeah thanks a billion gene so I've decided that its now or never at 22 and that im gonna get myself into the physical shape I deserve to be in. I was reading a book at a friends house the other day, I think it was Arnold Schwartxenneggers enclopedia of bodybuilding and it occured to me, if Im looking to get into shape why not skip all the mens health magazines or whatever and go straight to the source, looking at the guys in those books and reading a little about it, you guys seem to really know what you're doing! I never knew there were so many muscles in the body, and more, how to work every single one of them..

    Sadly the book is my friends friends book, so I cant borrow it but it inspired me to look into getting myself into shape once and for all.

    I would like I suppose all the usual things, nice abs, better defined pecs as mine are a little podgy and a little all over work. Im not looking to bulk up loads, perhaps a little, really I just want a)a bit more strength and b)definition so that a)my bigger mates (im the smallest) cant muscle me out of the front seat even when I call shotgun and b)to feel better and cause of course chicks will dig it

    Phew! this post is turning into a proper marathon post but there's only a little more to go, and thats a quick request for direction from some of the other forum members..

    I was hoping someone could post me some links here to other threads that will teach me how to improve the definition of my pecs and abs, how to build muscles on my back (currently I dont have any there at all lol) and prolly most important what to eat or not eat to bulk up a little and lose body fat so my abs can show through a little more on my stomach.. I can feel they're theyre, they're just hidden under a centimetre or 2 of podgyness. Help!

    Thanks for reading this far everyone, im looking forward to getting into this and I know from reading the other posts that this forum is friendly and supportive and cant wait to make some progress with you lot as my peers.


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    WELCOME...the board members here are blessed with a surfeit of knowledge......
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    Welcome and good luck!!!
    "I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13

    "For NOTHING is impossible with GOD" - Luke 1:37

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    neilo welcome to IM!

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    Just joined the forum myself. I'm 23 and also from the UK. Sounds like we have similar goals and similar problems!

    Be good to stay in contact and support each other with info we get off this site and other users.

    Take it easy...actually thats not the best way to end an msg on a fitness site, hard(?)


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    Welcome, this is a great place to look around
    Steve The Fitness Guru

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    Wow I was looking and this is an old thread. its alright though welcome none the less.

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