Sustained mass?

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Thread: Sustained mass?

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    Sustained mass?

    I know most people do a cycle, PCT, off time, and start over. Repeatedly, over and over. That makes sense, but now here's my question...

    I want to try a sport and is sanctioned by the USOC a.k.a drug tested brutally. But, to compete, I need to be bigger. A lot bigger. I just dont' have the genes for it, I suppose, at least not without long periods of time to build. If I use for example Test En for 12 weeks and put on 20 pounds, will I keep all of that by just Hard workouts in the Gym+Protein? Or will some of it be lost because I don't use Anabolics anymore?
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    -use test prop, has a much shorter detection time
    -you will eventually lose the mass, but that depends on genetics and on how close you are now to your absolute natural max.

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    if you are fairly new to resistance training and do a cycle, with the proper diet and training you should keep the majority of gains. it is when you go above your maximum genetic limits is when you see people lose massive amounts of LBM when they come off gear as their endocrine systems just can not sustain the amount of LBM that they have...
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