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Don't want to lose all my gains, BUT

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    Don't want to lose all my gains, BUT

    Ok a couple of things. 1) I've been cutting for 6 weeks now. Dropped my body weight from 277 to 249 lbs. Here's my real problem. about 5 weeks ago i posted that i heard what sounded like a twig snap sound in my left elbow doing Skull Crushers. Now to find out last Mon I have a + crack in the left elbow which creates a lot of pain during any pressing movements. I don't want to lose all my gains from my last cycle and want to know if i were to do a lot of reps with light weight would that still help keep some of my gains. My bench because of diet and the pain in the elbow has gone from 370 lbs to about 250 lbs. I was thinking of going down to like 150 lbs with a lot of reps and sets on the bench. What do you think?

    Note: no pulling movements bother me, but can only do about 30-40 on tricep pushdowns. no pain there but anything above 40 lbs ouch

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    If its cracked I would think letting it heal would be best instead of spreading it back open...

    But some weights versus no weights is going to be better muscularly speaking.

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    Sometimes you gotta take the hit. 1 step backwards = 2 steps forward.
    There's a technique known as active recovery but i dont think you qualify, with that big crack in your elbow. Face it, youre not going to accomplish fack all lifting at 50% for the rest of your life........imo, rest it.

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    Never cracked an elbow, but I've been injured, and it's never good to ignore pain like that. I'd only do what doesn't hurt until that elbow is healed. Minimal pressing/extending movements if any at all.

    Shoot, maybe it would give you a chance to work on some weaker muscle groups.

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    I use to do skull crushers until oneday I had pain doing not the type of lifting pain but something else.I don't have that pain doing anyother tricep exercise.I have had it for the last 3 years and it hasn't gone away.If I put my ear up to my elbow and flex my tricep I can hear a cracking sound.Does anyone know what the casuse of this is?
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    Know how you feel TOM, been there a few times (albeit with less severe injuries like back strain etc) and it just sucks when you know you're out for more than a week or 2. You MUST listen to your body however, and remember that overall health and recovery is the most important thing. So basically, if it hurts don't do it! If it causes post workout pain, other than normal muscular aches, don't do it either.
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    TOM, which bone was cracked? I shattered my elbow the humerus i believe, and it was very painful for at least 3 months. But it was shattered and not cracked.

    the story behind it: After a really hard leg w/o when i was 17 i went to see Pantera and Soulfly play in Grand Rapids. We were the first ones in line, got there 6 hours early so we could get front row. My legs were killing me, and if you have ever been to a Heavy Metal concert it gets absolutely balls out crazy on the floor and esspecially front row. I was struggling to hold my spot and some jackass came up behind me kicked me in my calf while plowing into me. My legs were like sticks and gave out immediatly i crashed to the floor elbow first. Heard a nasty crunch, and it swole up to the size of a baseball. Very F***ing painful.

    I couldnt do anything with that arm w/o wise for about 1 month, but i kept working the other. I wouldnt put any stress on it personally so it will heal properly and most importantly WONT HAPPEN AGAIN.

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