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Rice protein anyone??

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    Rice protein anyone??

    My wife thought she would buy me a surprise while grocery shopping....She purchased a tub or brown rice protein powder (130 cals, 21 g pro, 1 g fat and less than 2 of carbs per scoop) from the supermarket, made by interactive nutrition...

    I've researched rice protein and there arent that many other products like it or much info about them on the net.

    Anyone use/try this??? This any good as a replacement to whey??

    Thanx in advance guys!
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    I'm not a big fan of plant based proteins, I'd stick whey or casein as their amino acid profiles are superior.

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    it's strange because rice isn't a complete protein and because of that the BV is low.
    you can get complete protein if you mix the rice with peas or with lentils, because of that protein powder from rice very very strange...

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