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How about this program ... errrrr Program'S??

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    Lightbulb How about this program ... errrrr Program'S??

    OK, I am fresh today, I had a day off yesterday, and after consulting with the master SUPREMO, I came up with this program.
    I hope it is not too much.
    Remember, I want to get stronger, and if size comes along with it.... HOO-AH!!

    P.S. ( weight/reps)

    Wide Grip Pull-ups > 50 - (took 6 sets today)
    Pushups > 50 - (took 3 sets today)

    Standing Military Press > bar/12, 55lb/8, 85lb/6, 100lb/5
    One Arm Dumbbell Row > 50lb/10, 60lb/6, 80lb/6

    Barbell Bench > 105lb/12, 125lb/8, 155lb/6, 175lb/5, 85lb/14
    Incline Dumbbell Press > 30's/12, 40's/10, 50's/6, 60's/6, 40's/15

    Close Grip Chin-ups > to failure (22 today)

    After this, I went for a 4 mile run, took 35 minutes today.

    My rest period between sets was about 30 sec.-1 min., with a 3 minute break between exercises.
    I took a longer 5 minute rest between supersets too.

    Just so you know my stats... I am 21, 6'2" tall, I weigh 194lbs., and I am getting pretty cut (my fat is left on my lowest ab region). I eat whopps of food (3000cal. from solid foods + 900cal. from MRP's).
    I supplement with Protein, vitamin C, Multi-vitamin, MRP's, Zinc.... and in 2 weeks, creatine.

    OK, this workout made me feel like a man, I got a nice pump for about 20 minutes after my run, and without using any wraps, gloves or belt, I could feel the difference in my inner forearm muscles.
    Let me know if it is adviseable to do this one again on Sunday. Because tomorrow, I am going to do my Legs and abs.

    Thanx for any suggestions folx!!

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    I only see one problem....LOL!

    Im an Iron Addict!

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    Is that all done on one day?

    I don't let the set reps thing (the chins and push ups), I would just do 2-3 straight sets and if you are training each muscle once a week then take each set to failure.

    Also, do not run after your weight training. Because glycogen is depleted the body will burn more muscle, and you will perform worse, not to mention the fact that you don't take advantage of the 400% increase in protein synthesis post anaerobic exercise.

    If it's strength (or hypertrophy, for that matter, although shorter rest periods do have a use in hypertrophy training) you're after than you want to wait a while between sets (3-5 minutes) in order to let ATP to replenish and to allow lactic acid to clear.

    I would switch some exercises, I don't really like the exercise selection, but that won't make or break the routine.

    BTW, if your grip is limiting you in back exercises (or whatever) then using straps are a BENEFIT, no it doesn't make you a pussy Just make sure to incorporate some grip specific training, too.

    Complex problems have simple, easy to understand, wrong answers.

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    Hmmm....I like what you are saying Supremo, but however, I only use wraps when a weight is more than 60% heavy, otherwise, I want to benefit with the added grip.

    I was in the gym (my stable) so I could get that "feeling" of making these 2 programs.

    Remember, I want strength, endurance, and if size comes with the territory...HOO-AH! (I am already pretty decent size)

    Lower Body (Day 1)

    Leg Extension (warm-up) 2 sets /20 /20
    Leg Press (warm-up) 1 set /14

    Leg Press 2 sets /6 /8
    Squat 3 sets /12 /10 /8

    *Leg Extension 3 sets /15 /12 /10
    *Leg Curl

    Upper Body (Day 2)

    Wide Grip Pull-ups 2 sets /12 /5 static
    Push-ups 2 sets /20 /10 static

    One Arm Rows 3 sets /12 /6 /5
    BarbellBench Press 4 sets /12 /8 /6 /5

    Upright Row 4 sets /10 /6 /5 /14
    Incline Dumbbell Press 3 sets /10 /8 /6

    *Dead lift 3 sets /8 /6 /5
    *Barbell Rows
    Dumbbell Flyes 3 sets /14 /10 /failure

    Alternating Dumbbell Curls 3 sets /8 /6 /failure
    Dips 3 sets /10 /8 /failure

    Non-Weight (Day 3)

    Run 4 miles (70%) /30 minutes
    Standard Chin-ups 2 sets /failure /failure
    Crunches 2 minutes /failure

    OFF (Day 4)


    Day 1
    Run(earlier in the day) 4 miles -30 minutes
    Bench Press 3 sets 6-10
    Incline Dumbbell Press 3 sets 6-10
    Dumbbell Flye 4 sets 8-12
    Dumbbell Pullovers 4 sets 8-12
    Alternating Curls 3 sets 6-10

    Day 2
    Leg Curls 1 set 12
    Leg Press 3 sets 6-10
    Lunge 4 sets 8-12
    Leg Curls 4 sets 8-12
    Crunches 2 min. 100+
    Leg Press Calves 2 sets 20+

    Day 3
    Run(earlier in the day) 3 ½ mile jog ½ mile, sprint ½ mile
    Wide Grip Pull-downs 2 sets 10-15
    Dead lift 3 sets 6-10
    Dumbbell Row 4 sets 8-12
    Barbell Row 4 sets 8-12
    Skull crushers 3 sets 6-10

    Day 4
    Run(earlier in the day) 1 ½ mile -12 minutes
    Standing Military 3 sets 6-10
    Upright Row 3 sets 8-12
    Bench Dips 5 dropped 6
    Barbell Curls 4 dropped 5
    Rope Pull downs 3 sets 10+
    Hammer Curls 3 sets 10+

    Day 5
    Leg Extension 1 set 15
    Squat 3 sets 6-10
    Leg Extension 4 sets 8-12
    Oblique Crunches 25 – 20 sec pause – 20 – 15 sec pause
    Hanging Leg Raise 1 set 10
    Reverse Crunch 1 set 40+
    Seated Calf Raise 2 sets 20+

    Well, I like all three routines, and I hope someone can help me out on this, or give me some kind of response.

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