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Custom Nutrition or Bulk Nutrition

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    Custom Nutrition or Bulk Nutrition

    With the ban coming up I was thinking of stocking up on prohormone-prosteroid powder and products. Which company is better Custom Nutrition warehouse or Bulk Nutrition. Customs products are a little cheaper. Also is customs 1-AD product legit, I thought Ergo had a patent on it.

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    Both are great.

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    Custom's 1-ad is legit. Just check availablity and priceing.

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    law 74 why get the 1ad when you can get 1test? 1ad converts into 1test after you take it...why not just skip the coverting in your body and just take the hormone 1test? Chances are Customs will have the stuff even after the ban...those places carry stuff for "research" purposes. I'm sure they will sell the PH/PS after the ban since it will be used to see how much your lab rats grow.

    If I were going to stock up on PH I would get some M1T from BulkNutrition for $10 a bottle, or their Mdien for $5 a bottle. Thats probably the best deal around for PH.

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