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Holiday Tipping

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Thread: Holiday Tipping

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    Holiday Tipping

    I have head conflicting reports from people about whether or not they tip their personal trainer at Christmas time. I have heard plenty of people say that they tip their mailman, hairdresser, masseuse, chiropractor - not a big thing, but usually a little something extra at holiday time for the services that they provide. I bought my chiro something, but we have a good professional relationship referring clients back and forth. I do not tip the person who cuts my hair because I only see them 6x a year and I tip well at those times.

    Last year I got about 3 bottles of wine...but my client list was not nearly as large (or wealthy). I currently have about 8-10 regular clients I see 1-3x per week and take very good care of. I've gotten them all small gifts for Christmas and I'm wondering if I should expect anything in return.

    Do you tip service people for the holidays? If so, why - and if not, why not?
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    I donĀ“t tip anyone or anything in any galaxy.

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    Wait, is this from an episode of Seinfeld?
    Coarse edged youth, the irish pendants string from their smiles
    not yet plucked as to slacken the seams
    and drag down the features of age,
    no folds or creases from unkempt wear
    eyes of tranquilty, crystalline-beads
    no sign of despair in their hair, nor their hearts
    but oh they have yet to be experienced and that makes aging so very worth it...ML circa2012

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