Hey guys.I would really appreciate some support & advise on some events that happaned to me & causing me some worries & most of all delaying my training progress & my next cycle.
History: Been juicing five times in the last six years.Last cycle was finished three & a half months ago & lasted for six weeks(all the rest were max five weeks each) & included test,primobolan & winstrol.By the end of it i got a strange light sore on my biceps(it might be brachio or one of the others there)which does'nt go away & makes my training limitted eventhough gave it a rest for sometimes.I went to my doc to test my blood & consult my biceps soreness(i do blood tests very often during & after cycling).My doc was'nt satisfied with the results,which have been taken three months after inhibition.Looking back at my former blood tests would show same results but only during the cycle,while after that liver funcs would go back to normal, which they have'nt this time.I really wonder how often do other guys test themselvs & in what level do you reduce or stop.I was hoping to get ready for a new cycle,hoping i'll get over my biceps soon,but it looks like the results plus the biceps are keeping me away & that makes me very upset....
my blood results:
ALT (GPT) - 99 u/i (range runs 10-31)
AST (GOT)- 71 u/i (range runs 10-37) both are liver funcs.
ck - 598 u/i(rang runs 0-171) my doc says that's an indication regarding my muscle soreness which is caused from over training...(???)
Creatinine (B)-mg/dl 1.5 (range runs 0.84-1.25) kidneys func.
If there's anybody with some experiense about this please share it with me 'cause it really makes me down,feel usless in the gym eventhough i don't stop & try to stay optimistic & enjoy what i'm capable of achiving now,hoping i will get over my soreness & my blured cycle planes.
Peace !