ok first I just want to say that I am struggling with finding a good scheme for me to use for my workouts...sometimes I go max-ot style, sometimes HIT style, sometimes 10x3, once per week sometimes twice per week per bodypart, you get the point. I just want some opinions on this workout I did yesterday. It was a chest/tri workout. I would like some opinions on whether what I did will be good enough to make decent gains if I apply what I did yesterday to all my exercises and keep it going for a few weeks. Obvioulsy there is a lot more involved, but just generally speaking, is this a good enough workout for my goals of increasing strength....

db press 100x8, 110x6

leverage incline press 180x7,5

dips bodyweight+90 x 6,5

close grip bench press 195x7,6

it was pretty intense, obviously not pure HIT but I dont have a spotter so that is out of the question, but I was very shot afterwards and on the verge of puking, so I think it was quite intense.

Is this enough in terms of volume to get decent gains? If my sleep and diet is in check will I expect to make progress next monday when I do these again?

I am just trying to settle on a routine and all of your opinions will be greatly appreciated, thanks!