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Need help from Exp. Lifters...

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    Question Need help from Exp. Lifters...

    Hello all, I am currently beginning to lift at my local gym. I have been working out on and off for at least 22 weeks. I have been trying to build muscle and get a "beach body" haha. I am a lean male who is about 150 lbs. and bench around 135 :-(. I am a young adult who wishes to get bigger and more defined. I have a weak upper body but strong lower body from many years of running...

    (To the point of this thread) I have decided that i wish to get bigger through the use of supplements. I am going to take Pinnacle Esterfied Creatine 4000 and Cytodyne Methoxy Pro for protein powder. I am concerned that with the use of creatine i might hurt my body. I heard that i must drink a great deal of water to keep hydrated while taking the creatine. I have read a couple of articles upon the use and wish to see your feedback/views/ personal exp.s with the use of creatine. Thanks....Smears

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    Creatine is fine, like you said though, drink plenety of water. Supplements aren't going to make you huge. Your diet/knowledge/desire will

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    dump that methoxy pro crap. Just get regular whey protein

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    I agree with gococksDJS.... A quality creatine, a quality whey protein, a good diet, and a training journal will get you there. After 22 weeks, you should have your form down, so now try to beat your last workout each time you repeat a body part. Beginners tend to waste too much time before they add more weight. Do as much weight as you can WITH PROPER FORM. Use a spot for your heaviest sets. Just ask any gym member walking by if you don't have a partner, and by all means train your whole body, not just upper (even though you are strong in the lower, exercises like squats will help you get bigger all over, though I won't get into the sciences part of that for brevity's sake....). A journal will help you see your progress and is a very valuable tool, especially for a beginner.

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