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White blood Cell count part 2

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    White blood Cell count part 2

    I wrote this under Cold Irons post but no one replied So I thought I would copy and paste it and hopefully someone will see it here! Thanks in advance Oh and premiere, I better see your answer!!!! lol

    Okay here's the post:

    I was just going to post a question but I found this one so maybe you all can hep me too! Before I start with my own problem I want to say that I think your wbc count is low cold iron because this is my whole problem. I have had the flu for 5 weeks now and when I first went in to the Doctor's they of course took blood. When the nurse came back in she said "Wow, your white blood cell count is low" and it was 4.8. My normal is around 7.4-8.0. Well, I went back yesterday thinking that I am getting better except for this nagging dry throat and cough. They took more blood and now it's down to 3.8. My Doctor told me to stay away from sick people (I broke my sick people detector so that can't happen)
    he said that if it doesn't go up by next Thursday I have to go through a series of blood tests
    Okay...the question! how do you get your wbc count up? or are you just stuck with it??
    HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!! I can't stand sitting home!!!

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    Okay, nevermind all the answers My white blood cell count is climbing!!! *WHEW* it was just a virus!!!

    I can hear crickets in my post!!!! lol

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    very great news girl... Its scary to think something is wrong with your body ya know?

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