Question on ABCDE Length

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    Question on ABCDE Length

    I just finished reading an article by Bill Phillips explaining ABCDE diet and why he likes it and why he says it works. He maps it out as being 2 weeks bulk (weight x 12 = # of calories + 1500) and then a two week cut (body weight x 8 = # of calories consumed). From what I have gathered from the opinions of others, it seems like people feel the length of either the cutting or the bulking is off.
    I was curious as to how poeple thought this diet should be changed and why because if 2 weeks/2 weeks works to lower body fat but not build muscle, that is ok for me right now.
    I am trying to lose some body fat and I can't stand long hard cutting because my body just crashes. I usually get sick and my studies suffer from being so tired. I like the idea of a quick switch between the two.

    I am going to start p/rr/s while I start some version of this diet or something else.
    Thanks for any help on ABCDE
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