If you look at all the coins, you ever notice that all the presidents are facing to..

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    If you look at all the coins, you ever notice that all the presidents are facing to..

    the left and the only president facing to the right is Abraham Lincoln? Why is that? I did a search and came out with this.
    I know this is a sensative issue but its pretty interesting.

    The scuttlebutt is that his detractors finally relented and conceded some recognition for our nation’s 16th president, but it had to be on the penny – the smallest unit of recognized American money. What is really interesting is that Lincoln’s likeness is the only coin engraved to show a president “looking right.” The other coins - nickels, dimes, quarters, and whatever else, is shown with the president facing left. In response to Lincoln’s “error” in releasing Negroes from their God-assigned responsibility, it is said that he was repudiated by having the other national leaders turn their backs toward him. Additionally, the penny is the only “coin of color” – brown (copper). I recognize that many readers could be muttering, “This is a whole lot about nothing,” and well it might be. But I really felt out of touch after I shared it with other African-Americans only to have them look at me like “That is old news. Where have you been?”

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    The Presidents are all facing to their own right.

    When GW gets his coin, the new $.50 piece (which will only be worth a half cent due to devaluation of the dollar), he wont be looking left or right..... just confused.

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    Rofl, This reminded me of talking to a rather racist christian friend of mine. I asked,"So will you be able to tell if someone is white, black, hispanic, ect in heaven?"

    He said..,"Blacks dont go to heaven, they go to the garden of Eden to pick cotton." If hes not going to hell I dunno who is

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