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Newbie looking for advice...

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    Newbie looking for advice...

    First of all I would like to say this site is very good and informative!

    I probably should do some more research before I ask this but I'll go ahead and ask now anyway.

    A little background.

    Age: 27
    Weight: 190 pounds
    Height: 6"
    Lifting history: 10 years
    Estimated BF%: Dunno, pretty lean
    Diet: Good, 5 meals/day (+ shakes, creatine)
    Goal: Get a little bigger before summer and keep my existing hair!

    Been lifting weights for about 10 years. Mainly because of other sports (Basketball, etc.).
    Lifting 4 times/week on a good diet. I guess I relatively strong for my weight as I bench press about 340.

    Never done any gear before.

    What I want is something that would make me a little bigger before summer. I don't want to get huge or anything, just a little bit bigger.

    The most important thing is however that it won't harm my hair as I am cursed with male pattern baldness.

    Keeping my existing hair is VERY important to me.

    Any advice/suggestions would be vastly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot, now I will go and do some more research!

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    How are ya 5head.Hope this link helps

    Theres also an older thread called "Steroids for dummies" in this forum which i found fairly useful.Best of luck!

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