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cardio - low impact vs high impact

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    cardio - low impact vs high impact

    Hello all,

    Just joined but have been logging on and doing a lot of research. 40 year old guy who has lost 35lbs. in six months. I am doing a lot of cardio 4x a week for 45 minutes. At the gym I train, on the treadmill there is guide that tells you 65% of max heart rate is low impact and 85% is high impact. Now since is am a noobie do I want to do 65% for max benefit? My heart rate at 65% for my age is 117 beats per minute. When I do the cardio I try to keep my rate at 120bpm for the full 45 minutes. Am I doing this right? Or should I go for a higher heart rate. I am looking to lose the fat on my abs and chest. I also weight train 3X a week full body as I am just getting back into it.
    This place is great I have learned a lot already reading the sticks and posts.


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    Welcome, thanks for un-lurking and getting into the chat! THere are a few experts on here who can answer your Q's better than me though so I will shut up now.

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    Still let more people talk to you... but I say HIGH intensity, low duration. Less fat burned THEN, but your metabolism really gets spiked to burn through the rest of the day better... and basal metabolic rate makes up for like 70+% of the calories you burn every day.

    My dad is gonna do HIIT wih me this summer... sprinting intervals basicly, with light jogs in between. I push myself so hard my chest hurts and my mouth has a tint of a blood taste to it.

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