Once Again The News Media Falls For A Hoax

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    Angry Once Again The News Media Falls For A Hoax

    Once again, the gullible news media has fallen for a hoax. That Atlanta woman who "disappeared" and thus became headline news for several days. She was caught in Colorado and then claimed she was kidnapped before confessing it was all a set up.

    This follows on the heels of the woman who claimed she found a finger in some Wendy's fast food and then found to have fabricated the whole story. She is being prosecuted, but the publicity, which was fanned by the media, has harmed many innocent Wendy's franchisees whose business' lost millions of dollars in sales that will never be made up for. Some may be forced into bankruptcy. This person should be forced to have every dollar she earns for the rest of her life go to pay restitution to the Wendy's corporation, its shareholders and its franchisees for the economic damages she caused, but we know of course that this will never happen.

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    Yeah, and Uzi posing as a bodybuilder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by min0 lee
    Yeah, and Uzi posing as a bodybuilder.

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    Asking dumb assed questions like he was gave it away that he was a fraud.

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