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Change in Vision

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    Change in Vision

    I've been on Test e for a couple weeks now and I'm making good gains but I've come across a problem I haven't seen discussed.

    I went in for an eye exam today and my eyesight has gotten worse. I had a mild perscription before and it's almost doubled In the two months since i had my eyes checked last.

    Is this a result of higher blood pressure, now 135-150/80 vs my usual 110-120/70. Or is it a result of more fluid being retained in the cells because of the test and creatine?

    Wondering if I need to stop the test or Is this a temp condition that will get better when I get off the test?

    Anyone come across this before?
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    it certainly could be attributed to either of the conditions you mentioned. IT could be nothing. Or it could be more serious....possibly a benign adenoma that is growing now due to the increased test levels. Not to scare you, but visual changes are very serious.

    Any associated headaches?....is it one eye or both?...night vision problems?....family history of eye problems?....the list is too long to go on.....get it checked out, even mention the roids if you have to...the more the Dr knows, the better he will be able to help you.

    keep us posted please
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    High Testestrone means high growth...

    I don't know if this has any relevance... But men during ages of 14-19 seem to have highest change in vision... Prescription can double or even triple in just one year. It has something to do with the growth of the muscles around your eyes and how well they keep eye latched.

    You see in order for you to see good, your focal point has to be a specific distance from your retina, depending on the eye's size. Some people's muscle that holds the eye tight and stops it from enlarging, gets weak and loses it's ability to stop it from enlarging.. Even something like 0.01 mm of movement can double your prescription..
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    I've had the same prescription for years, testosterone hasn't changed mine I was 11 or 12 years old when they told me I needed vision correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudge
    I've had the same prescription for years, testosterone hasn't changed mine I was 11 or 12 years old when they told me I needed vision correction.
    In 12 years your vision hasn't changed?

    I was interested in getting laser eye surgery, but found out you must be over 19 otherwise your cells divide up too quickly and the muscle growth can mess with your eyes.. One day you may see perfect, a month later you need glasses and so on..

    For Laser eye surgery u need to prove that your vision didn't change at all in the past 6months... which isn't really hard to do, but otherwise you'll need another surgery in a couple of years if it changes really quick..
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