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    New from Wales


    started back in 2 weeks ago week after injury for few months. i train at gym at home at moment, id like any thoughts on my diet and reigeme and any advice where im going right/wrong.

    im 182 pounds
    ideal weight 175 pounds

    i want to tone up and loose fat while maintaining muscle (id probably like to loose 14 pounds of fat and then put on 7-14 pounds of lean muscle)

    is it better to 'cutt' first or what? how much protein/carbs/fat should i be eating at moment?

    i take 48g WHEY a day and have cut out carbs after 1pm.
    also on creatine, sida cordfilia and la muscle norateen Heavy Weight 2

    i have began to see results - stronger, lost some fat and am sleeping better but i know its going to take time (like all worthwhile things!)

    i do a 2 day split with 3 sets of 15 reps of weight i can just manage to lift 15 times, i work out every day for about 50 mins-

    DAY 1.
    Bench Press
    Dumbell Curls or hammer curls
    Tricep Extensions
    Lateral Raises
    Front Raises
    Upright Rows

    DAY 2.
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Rowing 5 Mins
    Streches/wrist excersises & neck exercises

    I also play 5 a side football once/twice a week

    Any advice on diet and training would be very greatfuly recieved


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