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    Your retirement

    Your retirement. Will it BE there when it comes your time. Or will someone take it away from you somehow?

    The airline industry has successfully taken it away from its employees. Like a snowball running down a hill and gaining size as it also gains momentum EVERY retirement program will now be in danger. The "powers that be" are hard at work. We MUST BE even more viligant.

    America, as we have known it, is being given away to a select few, at the expense of everyone else.

    Plan ahead. WAY ahead. The best you can. Get out of debt and stay out of debt the BEST you can. In the long run and for true peace, paying cash is best and only if you truly NEED it and can afford it.

    Take Care, John H.

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    Thats why working for yourself is the only way. It allows you freedom both financially and personally.People can't follow what you do with your money as closely either.

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    The concept of retirement in the traditional sense if over.

    The 3 tiers of retirement used to be:

    1. personal savings

    2. company pension

    3. Social Security

    Today: Savings are not included--Americans really have any savings.

    Pensions: most companies have switched to the employee tax-deferred system of the 401K. Not very solid. Not even safe.

    Social Security. We'll get it, but at a much later stage in life, and we'll have to pay a lot more into it. It's an I.O.U. from the government.

    What happened to United Airlines, may happen elswhere.

    It is a precedent.

    Live for today folks.
    It's an accurate statement that our current spending will not be increasing the debt We've stopped spending money that we don't have.

    -- Jack Lew, then director of the Office of Management and Budget, in Feb. 16, 2011 testimony before the Senate Budget Committee.

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