What is the best way to bulk and stay toned?

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    What is the best way to bulk and stay toned?

    What is the best way to bulk and stay toned? Is that even possible?

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    bulking is adding fat along with muscle...You can add just lean mass but it is much harder to add muscle without fat, its all about your calorie/protein intake.

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    Im not exactly sure how much calories and protein i should be eating. Im new at this. Ive been trying to read some stuff that has been posted and im still kinda unsure. All i nkow is i need more than im eating now...lol. Here are my stats in case someone wants to help

    20 years old

    All my weight and diet training has been cutting weight for wrestling (6 years)

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    I read somewhere that you can get a basic idea of your calorie useage by multiplying weight times 12. So 135 x 12 = 1620 used naturally. So if you were to pretty much do nothing all day (sit around house and be useless) your calorie useage would be around 1620 a day. Now body types are different and other factors, esp. if you are very active or not very, but that can give you an idea. So count that plus any workouts and stuff you do you could be using up over 2000 a day depending. So basically if you want to gain, you intake more! So as a wrestler yeah you are probably pretty well defined (I remember back in high school I saw those fools running around the track summer time in full sweats!), which means the bulking part will be harder if you keep up the wrestling workout style.
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    Eat the same clean foods you would on a cut, but more of it on a bulk.

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    You posted before. You should have gained 10 pounds buy now. Read the stickies. It is very easy. You have to start eating every 2-3 hours.

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    i know i should have. i have started eating more and more often. i get my weights tommorow so ill start lifting monday. Im just trying to gather as much info as i can. I will post how i do. Thanks

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