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Finally, a Flavored MPI from ATW

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    Wink Finally, a Flavored MPI from ATW

    Finally, we did it. We have flavored MPI.....this one I have personally tasted and it is great (chocolate). It reminds me of Ovaltine. We have selected some impartial testers from the board and THEY know who they are and will be receiving samples to try. But I wanted the rest of you to know that it is now available. It is not on our webpage - It is just for Board Members. I would be interested in your thoughts.(and orders )


    All the Whey’s Newly Flavored Milk Protein Isolate

    After more than one year of research, All the Whey is re-launching our MPI with a new flavor system. We are very proud of this a development and we are sure that this product will please all of our customers. You will not find this product elsewhere or offered under a different label. This Milk Protein Isolate is specially designed for the serious bodybuilder and athlete who needs both a whey protein for increasing musculature and simultaneously wants the different bioactive peptides found in casein protein.

    Milk Protein Isolate is a long name for a powder that represents milk as it occurs naturally. The ratio of casein and whey protein is approximately 80:20 as is the case in milk from a cow. An important fact for athletes to know is that the major difference between caseinates and whey is the RATE of digestion and subsequent absorption into the body of these proteins. Ingestion of whey proteins cause a rapid rise in the blood levels of amino acids which return to the individual’s baseline in approximately 2 hours. Oppositely, casein protein does not cause this type of spiking as the casein coagulates in the stomach which results in slower digestion and thus leads to a much more moderate rise in blood amino acids that is able to sustain itself for up to 7 hours. Thus, there is good reason to include BOTH milk proteins (casein and whey) into your diet.

    All the Whey’s Newly flavored Milk Protein Isolate now offers you the total milk protein needed to fully nurture your body around the clock. It is finally available in the form of delicious shakes in three flavors, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate, and Orange. Additionally, we sincerely invite all our past customers of All the Whey Milk Protein Isolate to try these new flavors. We believe you will be quite satisfied with them.

    Price: $23.95 per 2 ½ lb jar.

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    are you using any artificial sweeteners ?
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    Hey - Here is the nutritional data. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


    Amino Acid Profile
    Alanine 944
    Arginine 710
    Aspartic acid 1993
    Cysteine/ Cystine 250
    Glutamine 4732
    Glycine 438
    Histidine * 624
    Isoleucine * # 1409
    Leucine * # 2376
    Lysine * 2029
    Methionine * 660
    Phenylalanine * 1076
    Proline 2215
    Serine 1248
    Threonine * 1278
    Tryptophan * 366
    Tyrosine 1059
    Valine *# 1544

    * essential amino acids
    # branched chain amino acids

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: 28.4 g or 1 oz
    40 Servings per Container

    Amt. Per
    % Daily

    Calories 104

    Calories from Fat <2

    Total Fat 0.2 g

    Saturated Fat 0.1 g

    Cholesterol 4.4 mg

    Total Carbs 0.49 g

    Calcium 49 mg 5%

    Phosphorus 20 mg 2%

    Sodium 39 mg <2%

    Potassium 147 mg 7%

    Protein 24 g 48%

    *Percent Daily Values are based on 2000 calories.
    Daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    100% Milk Protein Isolate

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    so no sweeteners, but it tastes like ovaltine? hmmm.

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    I just called the owner to ask if the flavoring adds sweetener - waiting for response. I do know that we use Splenda with our product, as a rule.

    THanks for your patience.

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