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Happiness is in the mind and ,...!

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    Lightbulb Happiness is in the mind and ,...!

    Man & Woman are wired - diferentelly ,...
    Man are like a tower with levels with support each other ,... the base is the relationship on top the work on top the hobby on top the group of friends on top the relax and fun ,... and so ,...
    - now if one to the base especially is not working will have a serious effect on the above ones ,...
    can imagine the reaction !
    we man are like that ,...
    Ladies in the other hand ,... are like a circular structure - let's imagine a mall - stores around but not stacked ,...
    so goes around first "store" - relationship ,... 2 "store" - kids ,... 3"store" friends ,...and so around ,...
    so if one do not work ,... no problem - nothing crumble ! ! ! ,... like man ,...
    a woman just pull out the "store" which do not work and extends in the left over space the left or right one ,... or replace it with something totally new ,...hobby or interest
    and lets mention the effect of - testosterone - in our blood ,... that's the reason of other lots of issues
    if we man do not feel that we can make our lady really happy and intimacy is not regular - for man is way more harder then for women ,... look what different are the castrated man ,...
    and in the end
    man go really nuts if constantly are - controlled - smothered and She makes them feel wrong and useless ,... statistically woman use this tactics the most ,...
    I really respect woman's who are open - wise and know how to handle life for themselves and for them
    they are very rare ,...
    but they are !

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    So how are you doing brother? I would really like to know.
    I highly recommend all IronMagLabs supplements!

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