Nutrition Facts help...

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    Nutrition Facts help...

    i have some general knowledge of what each part of my diet does for me...
    like protein...carbs and etc...
    but does anyone know where i can really read into what all of those does?
    like a more detailed description.
    im just curious.
    and bored... =)

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    to late for me to get into details but here are some basics:

    protein(s) are used to build & repair muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments and soft connective tissue

    carbs are the main energy source when the body is physically active, running, lifting, when you are truely exerting yourself

    fats are the primary energy source when the body is a rest (sitting, sleeping, desk work, walking, etc.). the brain is also comprised mainly of fatty tissue(s) fatty acids and cholesterol is used to manufacture the cell membrane of all cell structures in the human body
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    ^ LAM really deserves to be a moderator.

    If....he wants to be one that is.....
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    what about dietary fibers and etc?
    i was just too lazy to search for that...
    but im going to look for it now.
    if you find it before me, let me know...

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    i don't know how good this is..
    but im looking at it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Snafu
    ^ LAM really deserves to be a moderator.

    If....he wants to be one that is.....
    I have always thought that myself.

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