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Cambered Bar Lying Row

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    Cambered Bar Lying Row

    Hi, ever since i started doing bent rows to work my back, I was hurting my lower back much more then my upper portion.
    Now I have tried to do cambered bar lying row and feel like I get much better results. Heck, my upper and mid back are still killing me from the exersice i did 2 days ago.

    What I want to know is; Is this exersize going to get me the same or similar results as bent rows? Or is this not as effective for the upper and mid back area?
    Thanks to everyone in advance.

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    Although i do them sometimes lying on an incline bench, i have read that they are bad for you to do them that way as it puts a lot of pressure on your chest if you use very heavy weights. i do agree with this as it does kinda hurt the solar plex when i do them this way. Hope i spelled that right. Coreect it if not all you english medical students

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