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Testosterone Increase

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    Testosterone Increase


    I am new to posting but reading for a year. I couldn't find an answer to this.
    Is there a way to greatly increase Testosterone without taking gear?
    Like eating certain foods or "safe" supplements?

    I heard somewhere that a huge % of American guys take some form of hormone sup.

    Any ideas?

    I'll also add this forum made me get into training and when a started was 161lb
    and a year later am 191lb Am 5 foot 9"

    I wouldn't have got there without the info from this site ;D


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    doing a lot of power training increase your test production (squats, cleans,bench press, deadlifts, t-bar rows)

    if you eat clean you will produce more test especially eating peanuts and almonds

    there are lots of legal suppliments claiming to increase your test but i don't know how well they work. I am currently experimenting with tribulus but i think if it were magic then there would be lots of hype about it. All i have found so far is random bonners throughout the day but I am 20 so my test is through the roof right now. I do know of some legal stuff called 6-OXO with is often use for people comming off sterioids to get there natuall test production back in order and prevent bitch tits. If I were gonna try anything i would try that. unless you wanna get involved in PH's. I just did a cycle of M1T and gained 18 pounds in 17 days!!! but I too want to keep up a strong natural test production.

    if you have any luck with your research drop me a line I would like to do the same thing you want to

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    ya, eat nuts for your nuts.. i read that somewhere or someone told me, but its so true. testosterone is made form fatty acids- so eat essential fats. do power movements. dont train for too long, train in the morning, your test is 30 percet higher. some say nude sunbathing increases test, and i personally find a correlation with eating beef and gaining weight, but that may be form the creatine and not the gh. who knows.. bottom line is, dont worry about it. if your a man, you have testosterone.

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