Diet advice needed - on 6 week cutting cycle

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    Diet advice needed - on 6 week cutting cycle

    OKay, basically I've started my cycle last week and was under the impression that a 500kcal deficit would be best as it would enable me to lose a lot of BF (especially 'cos I'mn using tren) whilst the winny will keep strength and the test prop enable me to make small bulk gains.

    I was hoping to lose a couple of % BF and gain a few lbs in lean mass.

    Someone has now told me that I've got the wrong end of the stick, need to eat big and clean.

    The goals from this cycle are to:

    a) Lose a couple of % BF and if possible gain a few (5) lbs of lean mass. Certainly keep what I have!

    b) If not possible, bulk as much as aI can without putting on BF - hence why it's a cutting cycle.

    Has anyone done a similar cycle? What was your diet like? Should I be in calorie deficit like I have been? Or have I got the wrong idea?

    All advice appreciated

    My (cutting) cycle:

    75mg tren eod
    100mg test prop eod
    50mg winny ed (oral)

    6 weeks, then week off, then PCT, I'm just over a week in

    My first cycle

    My stats:

    26, 5'8", 179lbs, around 18-19% BF

    My goals

    Long term: to get big. Don't want to be ripped, just buff, big arms etc. I want pecs

    Short term: want BF to go down and to put on muscle, would be happy with 15%. I want my tits to be pecs

    Cycle: someone on this forum, on an 8 week tren/winny course lost 2% BF and put on 8lbs LM, that would be amazing

    My routine

    I know this is nailed, so no point posting. It's a 3 day split (legs / chest-tris-shoulders / back-biceps) with abs on another day. Focussing on compound exercises with mainly heavy weights. But this has been reviewed and altered lots, and is definately considered good. I gym at 5:30 M, W, F

    CV - I usually swim 2-3 lunch times a week (for 30 mins fast), off-road cycle on 2 of my non-gym days (no more than an hour), and try and get some endurance in (2-4 hours) at the weekends. The endurance cycle is always fuelled with carbs etc so I don;t start burning muscle.

    My diet

    I try and vary my diet, and try to aim for around 330g protein, 150g carbs (unless I'm dong lots of CV then this will increase slightly) and 70g fat. All sources are good i.e. oats / veg for carbs, chicken/tuna for protein and olive oil/nuts/cold liver oil for efas.

    Calories, now I;ve been told I'm doing teh right thing - what do you guys think? I try and aim for a 500kcal deficit each week. If this should be lower (and let the tren do the work) or higher (faster loss) then I am flexible.

    try and drink lots of water and have vitamins etc, including 3g of vit C per day to flush things through

    I eat every 2-3 hours, have PWO and PPWO sorted and have whey on wake, PWO and whey with oil before bed.


    I don't drink, smoke or take rec drugs (except my cycle)

    My only vice is caffiene I have is about 4 cans sugar free red bull when I go out in town on Friday nights. But none during the week.

    (I just want to ensure that in 5 weeks time I don't get told "your cycle would have bene far more effective if ....")

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