Here is a series of PMs sent to me from --CellTech-- about M1T....
Just thought you all should know that we have another one of "those"

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Well, you obviously didn't read the link to the thread in my profile. If you aren't willing to do any research yourself, don't bother messing with any new suppliments. From the sounds of it, you have no clue what is going on. You have a lot more room to learn before you mess with M1T. You demonstrated that thoroughly in your message. Don't bother with M1T.
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Hey dude, im not sure if you ever took M1T yourself or not but i have some questions.

Im taking CreXForm and Protein right now. CreXForm contains creatine,glutamine,tribulus,protein. I know M1T cut's off your test levels so should i be taking a test replacement such as Tribulus DURING the M1T cycle or during my 2 weeks off or before? I take a multi Vitamin everyday so im good there, i drink a fair amount of water and get lots of protein and eat a lot. Im gonna go 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, during my first 2 weeks im taking 5mg per day then on my next 2 weeks on i'll be taking 10mg per day. Should i continue using the crexform during the m1t cycle or just use it during my 2 weeks off since it has creatine in and and that hits your liver also so maybe the creatine and the m1t together man be to harsh on it.

(his reply)Obviously you don't know anything about M1T and like every suspected you copy and pasted that being it's all on this site and in google search's, don't worry we'll find good sources somewhere eles.