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Ce2 results?anyone else?

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    Ce2 results?anyone else?

    Yea i am one of those guys who feel for the gnc talk about ce 2. but i did buy it during the gold card sale. But any way i am on my third week of the product. and have seen better results than what i saw when i use regular creatine. Has anyone else been using this product and seen results

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    ... I honestly, give me your address bro, I will come over there and curb-stomp you, and if you would rather have a pro do it, I can hook u up with LAM's number. Hes a cool guy, and if you say that "fish" sent you, he'll cut you a deal on your own personal curb-stomp session.

    But in all seriousness, you got screwed. You can buy bulk creatine ethyl ester for much cheaper. (i was kidding about the whole curbstomp thing)
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