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Dietary Carbohydrate And The Intestinal Absorption Of Sugars.

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    Dietary Carbohydrate And The Intestinal Absorption Of Sugars.

    Oligo-saccharides (glucose, galactose and fructose) are in general absorbed and metabolised after hydrolysis into the basic mono-saccharides in the small intestine. The enzymatic breakdown, with the exception of the hydrolysis of lactose, is extremely efficient.

    Sugar digestion and absorption is considerably influenced by the chemistry of the ingested sugar. Fructose as a constituent of sucrose is very readily absorbed, whereas fructose alone as the mono-saccharide is not. Glucose may enhance fructose absorption by influencing the intestinal transport system or by stimulating water absorption.

    That's why my friends Sucrose is our enemy
    Make fruits your choice when it comes to sugars



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    Yup,fructose is good for muscle's renew,honey is a good food.

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