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been low on energy lately...

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    been low on energy lately...

    Don't know what the problem is... could be over training, could be my diet. I've been working out 4 times a week doing 2 day splits for abot 1:30-2hrs. I've been seeing lots of results but at the same time my enegry level is weird. i start slow peak in the middle and then down when i finish. kinna like a bell curve. i would like to start off strong and finish strong. im also on a low sodium diet, so i dont know if that has to do with it. i dont cook with salt. the only foods that i eat with salt is probably the lunch that i buy. i believe htat im getting enough sodium intake for the day though. any ideas? also ive been waking up early in the morning but am able to fall back to sleep. i have dreams everynight so i think im getting deep sleep .

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    Start doing cocaine that should fix u right up

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    Questions - are you cutting or bulking - if you're cutting, it is normal to feel a bit lethargic on a reduced carb intake. If you are on a low carb diet, use salt. Reason here being taht when carbs are restricted, your body lowers the output of aldosterone. This is a hormone that aids the retention of sodium and water. (Just for clarification, water retention on a low-carb diet is unlikely, so salt, mustard, soy sauce etc is ok).

    Working out for one and a half to two hours will cause lethargy. I would revert to a 4 day split, with workuts no longer than an hour. If this is not possible, look at your carb intake before your workout and afterwards. About 30g carbs and hour before a workout and from 40-100g simple carbs after.

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