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basic kre- alkalyn questions

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    basic kre- alkalyn questions

    i searched this forum and couldnt find anything that answered some basic questions

    1. it says on the back to take once in morning and once prior to exercise, should i take one before i workout( which is in the morning) and once immediately after exercise?
    2. should i take it with food, without or immediately before working out?
    3. it says each serving size is 1.5 grams for every 2 capsules( .75 for each obviously) and each gram is equvalent to 10 grams ingested of creatine. so 1 capsule is roughly 7.5 grams, correct??
    4. should one capsule or more be taken on off days, if any at all?
    5. can i take year round, or should i take a couple of weeks off every few months on of kre alkalyn?

    sorry if this has been addressed, but i couldnt find anything on these questions.

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    I am currently taking kre-alkalyn - although in a powder form. I take 6 grams before and after my workout.

    There is no major difference between taking it on an empty and full stomach. I generally try to take it on more of an empty stomach so digestion is as quick as possible.

    On off days I take 6 grams; exercise days I take 12 grams total.
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