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Massive Headaches out of the blue during routines, Help plz

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    Exclamation Massive Headaches out of the blue during routines, Help plz

    Hiya, im 38 years of age and have been (novice)bodybuilding for approximately 9 months now. I recently had a wrist sprain that forced me to take 3 weeks off from lifting any weights due to the acute wrist pain so in turn i wasnt taking any creatine, protein shakes or animal stak packages. Anyways i returned to the gym last week and the pain in my wirst has pretty much dissapeared and i can even manage to bench press(impossible with the above injury)....so i was happy and figured i was on track again.

    As i restarted my routine last thursday i took my usual animal stak package 30 minutes prior to workout but now out of the blue everytime i push myself during reasonable heavy loads I without fail receive HUGE head aches that throb and hurt so bad that i literally have to bail out of the exercise to let the ebbing of pain subside. Whatever the heck is happening to me has me really worried as i have no history of headaches and it REALLY hurts. The pain naturally subsides after i stop the exertion but still lingers during the day when im at work and i know it will return now full steam as this is the second day in a row its happened to me. Needless to say i stopped taking animal stak until i can figure out whats going on, at age 38 i know that im open to problems a 20+ year old is more ressistant to. If anyone can give me some insight on what may be going on i would appreciate it...maybe its the animal stak..? I usually eat heavy at 2:30pm then was taking my Stak packages 6:30pm to get to gym at 7:00pm. Only thing perhaps is my stomaches too empty by the time i reach the gym and the animal stak is messing me up? Oh yes besides the animal stak the only other thing im taking is a Pro Complex protein shake once a day immediately after my workout.

    Thanks in advance for any help guys, as i type this on the morning of my third day I can still feel a slight throbbing in my temple and im not lifting a thing..something in my system has gone wacky. Ill restate that i have never had any notable medical problems at all, zero, nada and have a decent body weight for my size.
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    This happened to me. I took a week off and started back light and it never returned. I went to the doc and had an MRI but it was nothing. Personally I think that it's from (accidentally) holding my breath which probably caused too much pressure in the head. Since then I always concentrate on breathing, and never hold it, not even at any point during a squat.

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    I have taken animal stak, I think it has a fat burner in it, take a look a the coffee can thing it comes in. If so, maybe it and quite probably it has somehitng to do with you circulatory system, one time i pulled a muscle in my back and i couldn't breathe deep for days, it was scary so i know how it can feel when something happens and no explanation, like an injury where you know what happened, etc. (I actually didn't know I puuled a muscle until I went to the doc) Doy you happen to smoke? have you changed your diet? are you on high protein? try looking at some of that stuff.

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    I've had the same thing if I lifted heavy and wasn't well rested or if I didn't have enough water in my system.

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    This has happened to me on a couple of occassions and lasted for 2-3 weeks at a time. It would be so bad that I had to leave the gym. So I would take some advil about an hour or so before going to the gym, and after about a week I stopped the advil and the headaches didnt return.

    I should note that there was a layoff period iin lifting between the 2 seperate instances. I also think it may be a combination of holding my breath and not drinking enough water.

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