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Need some answers to deez questions,please.

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    Need some answers to deez questions,please.

    Ok I'm goin off to boot camp for the Navy on Sun. while there for 8 weeks I'll be forced into eating only 3 meals a day at their set times,my question to anyone out there is will this schedule,with caloric deficit,and all the exercises I'll be doing,will I see any changes, as in fat loss or increase in lean mass? What I'm hoping for is to first lose this fat around my midsection (when I pinch it ,it's about an inch thick and soft,could be loose skin from weight loss,not quite sure) cuz to lose fat don't you have to create a caloric deficit and also increase exercise? Also when I get out of Basic I'll try to go back on my diet, which I've been on for about a month now,fairly clean diet around 40/40/20 at 2000 cals(My maintanence is around 2600) +Weights+cardio=not much results so far and I still have this belly fat. Which leads to my other question Is my intake too low, if I do a clean bulk and add more calories and weights will I gain more muscle?and will that in turn either recomp. my body so that the belly fat is not as noticable, or with added muscle will it help burn off the fat? Also if I do a caloric increase up to 2600 or whatever amount should I gradually work up to it by 200 or so cals. or just up it to like 600? If anyone has any advice for this clueless goober,it would be much appreciated, late.

    By the way I'm 5'8'',about 160 lbs.,14 or 15% BF,skinny except for midsection and torso.

    "Life without knowledge,Is death in disguise."-Talib Kweli

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    The food you get in the mess hall usually is high in fat and high in carbs. There are other lower fat/carb foods to choose from that may or may not fit your needs. Look around when you get to the mess hall, there usually are some peanut butter pouches and fruit available to take out as a snack (time permitting).

    The food is high in fat and carbs for the energy needed for the PT. If you can, try focusing on getting the most protien you can considering what is available in the mess hall.
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    You will pretty much lose weight in basic training no matter what/when/how much you eat. When I went to basic training, at the end, everyone was fascinated with trying on their civilian clothes to see how big they were. I was skinny, so I just ate whatever, but since you are trying to lose weight and know what you need to do, just try to make smart choices.

    There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
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