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Looking For Lost Loved Ones To Katrina?

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    Exclamation Looking For Lost Loved Ones To Katrina?

    I was just watching the news and they gave a new website that is up and running where you can list the names of loved ones you might be looking for as a result of Katrina. Please pass the web addy on to everyone you know. Thanks guys....

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    For anyone that might need it...

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    I've been trying and trying to contact my friend Colin for the past couple of days but I know phonelines are down and cell phones aren't working at this point. He lives in Mandeville right across the lake from New Orleans. I hope everything is alright?
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    I just came back from reading at the site and it seems that even though phone's arent' working in some areas as far as "ringing", text messages might get though. One man was looking for his friends and then came back posting that he'd located them using this method. I hope it works for some of you. Thanks to everyone keeping this thread active.

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