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I got some new specials - ATW

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    Talking I got some new specials - ATW

    Okay - Here is what I have to offer this week - starting tonight and ENDING SUNDAY night.

    You may choose one of the following specials - Yes, just one!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!! But these are some really good deals and I think that I have something for everyone here.

    1. One free pound of Isolate with any order of 50.00

    2. Free shipping is still available for orders of 100.00 or more (within the US)

    3. Fifty cent per pound discount on the following flavors - and product

    Banana/Chocolate Mint/Chocolate/Vanilla/Orange

    4. Ten percent off your total order.

    5. Free shipping on any Capsule or Tablet items.

    Okay, I really think that I have something for everyone with this one!!!!! Please remember to write LAURA in the comments section and I will apply the discount that saves you the most money!!!!!!!!! Despite what many of you say, I can be fairly bright, so just write my name and I can figure it out, unless there is a special that you want to specify.

    SO - Let's all go to These are 'board only' and will only be honored by the home office if my name LAURA is in the comments.

    I will be lurking for the next five days, so feel free to email me at if I can be helpful in any way or you just want to annoy me! Who read this far and actually will annoy me? I will be waiting to hear from you and you know who you are!!!!!!!!!


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    Here is an example of what specials can do for you -

    50 lbs of blend goes for 179.99. You can either choose FREE SHIPPING which may be great for west coasters OR you can get 25.00 off using the flavor special......make sense?


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