Families ARRGGHHH !!!

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    Families ARRGGHHH !!!

    well this may seem like weird thread to put up but bear with me a second, its because im tryin to eat rite, eating 6 meals a day and such but i live with my families who love to eat nothin more than fat and junk food , orderin take always nearly everynight , nothin but cakes and stuff in the fridge and freezer , i keep tellin my mum to get decent food , about the only yhtring she gets for me is fruit and a few vegatables and some pure fruit juice.

    im just wondering , is there ANY foods that can be as part of a good diet from these sortof stores , like tuna for example

    because with me workin ALL thetime i dont have time to go shoppin myself and my mum wont get it , i just wanna know wot foods id need and will help me lose weight faster. thx guys

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    I used to live with my Mom too, she was the exact same way. But also give your Mom alot of credit, at least she is getting you food! haha

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    lmao its no good tho , for the bloody money i pay her haha to live there !!

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