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Cosequnces Of Juicing Too Early?

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    Cosequnces Of Juicing Too Early?

    my training buddy is wanting to get on the gear although he has only been training 6 months.

    Ive done told him that although he probably will make good gains while on the cycle he will almost certainly lose all of these gains once off (this is true right?)

    However he is having none of it and is insitent that he is gonna do a course of Test n d-bol. (same course i did and made great gains however been training 5 years naturrally)

    What other negatives are there of juicing too early i can tell him of to maybe persude him to keep training naturrally another couple of years at least

    p.s i know a couple of years is still too early but some people wont be told.

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    What an original thread title.

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    he will almost certainly lose all of these gains once off (this is true right?)


    You said you did this same did things end up for you post cycle? If he loses all of his gains, he's too clueless to be using anyway. Sounds like he's got his mind made up...although I would probably advise against it too at this point.

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    if he's only been training for 6 months he'll probably keep all his gains because he is so far from his genetic limit.

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    Who cares

    Its his problem....let him act the fool
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    I don't think either one of you are smart enough to juice safely.

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    juicing with only 6 months of training is not a good idea for several reasons, firstly lack of experience.. IMO you need at least 2 years of training experience to fully understand you body in the gym, secondly lower cost-benefit ratio.. as he could probably still gain a lot more naturally, so why take all the additional risks of steroids if you don't really need them to achieve your goals, and thirdly greater chance of injury.. as his body is still relatively new to lifting and joints and tendons won't be a strong as someone that has a few years lifting under their belt

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    juicing with almost zero base in this sport is about the BEST way to screw up your tendons and ligaments for life.
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