Kentucky Scores Homeland Security Dollars to Protect Bingo Halls

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    Kentucky Scores Homeland Security Dollars to Protect Bingo Halls

    Our tax dollars hard at work on the war on terra . . .

    Kentucky lands grant to protect bingo halls from terrorists

    FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Kentucky has been awarded a federal Homeland Security grant aimed at keeping terrorists from using charitable gaming to raise money.

    The state Office of Charitable Gaming won the $36,300 grant and will use it to provide five investigators with laptop computers and access to a commercially operated law-enforcement data base, said John Holiday, enforcement director at the Office of Charitable Gaming.

    The idea is to keep terrorists from playing bingo or running a charitable game to raise large amounts of cash, Holiday said.

    I'm feelin' safer every day . . .

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    This Country is so fucking corrupt its starting to get funny
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    Foreman is an avid bingo plyer and I'm sure the last thing he wants to see is a few guys walk in the palor with towels wrapped around there head

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