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Can some1 gimme a workout

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    Can some1 gimme a workout

    heres a pic of me im so small
    my body sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxmehxX
    heres a pic of me im so small
    my body sucks
    If you are new to resistance training, then take your time by acclimating your body to the new stimulus. You don't want to outpace the strength of your connective tissues and risk injuries. You need to start by performing bodyweight exercises or using very low resistance and increasing weight at a slow, methodical pace. Give yourself somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-6 weeks of light weight training until you work up to the point where you are throwing around weights that are 75% of your 1RM or more.

    In the mean time, check out my writeup on designing a full body routine. I highly recommend full body routines to beginners to get conditioning up quickly, keep the volume for each muscle group fairly low each session, and get you started on a routine consisting of compound movements.

    If you need any help learning how to perform exercises, check out this site.

    Also, if you want to gain some weight, then you should really change your eating habits around for optimal results. Read Jodi's sticky about designing a proper diet.

    Good luck sir!
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