help increasing muscle mass w/o strength training

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    help increasing muscle mass w/o strength training

    hello everyone
    i excersize regularily and used to run about 3 miles a day and lift weights, but ive stopped lifting and running since my coach and parents want me to gain about 8 lbs.. (currently 5'4" about 101 lbs..)
    i really want to increase my muscle mass but i was wondering if thats possible by not doing any strength training/cardio at all..
    any ideas??

    thanks in advance

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    if you arent stressing your muscles, your body has no reason to build muscle.

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    Just do higher reps 8-12

    EDIT: Eat!!
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    with out exercising insulin sensitivity is going to decrease and nutrient uptake in skeletal muscle will also decrease. this means that the body will have to release more insulin to do the same job while less nutrients will be delivered to muscle and more to lipocytes (fat cells).

    totally stoping exercise is undoubtedly the BEST way to gain body fat and lose muscle mass
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    yes lift heavy, lose the cardio and fuggin' eat.

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