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HCG basics

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Thread: HCG basics

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    HCG basics

    Having read around the board (and links to BigCat) I thought I knew what the best use of HCG was, but some of the responses to YoungD's comments on another thread have confused me.

    I thought you were supposed to do something like four shots over three weeks (one every 5-6 days), first two being 3000IU, last two being 1500IU. Shots to start in last week of AAS cycle or a week or so later if on long ester stuff. (Clomid/Nolva follows due to suppressive effects of HCG itself, and I know about dosages of these).

    Two questions:

    1) Pins. I have just received my supply of HCG for end of cycle, with normal pins not insulin ones. I am happy to inject IM and to use normal pins to do so. Is there any reason why I should NOT do this?
    2) Dose. Is there any advantage of doing say 500IU per day rather than 3000IU in one go?

    Thanks for any advice on these two points.


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    1) IM shots are fine
    2) Smaller more frequent doses are preferable for a handful of reasons, including preventing leydig cell desensitization and preventing gyno.
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    How to Use HCG

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