Alright I need some help ... .

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    Alright I need some help ... .

    Alright I need to really start hitting my chest and targeting my chest.

    i need help designing a routine so i could really increase my strength and also add some mass to my chest.

    What about this. Currently im just doing Incline's, Flat BP, and DB BP 5x5.

    Flat BP 5x5
    Decline 5x5
    Incline 5x5
    Flyes 5x5

    suggestions seem's as tho my upper chest/shoulder are growing pretty nicely considering my Incline BP just went up to 155...

    All suggestions would be very helpfull

    Thank you.

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    Too much volume IMO. Just do one or two exercises with high intensity instead of wasting time with extremely similar ones. You can always rotate them out to keep it from stagnating of course.
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    20sets? holy shit batman....too much IMO too....

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    20 sets is fine...i do 16-20ish regularly...but if you are asking how to design a rountine, my guess is that you are relatively new BB/weightlifting/ which case you probably have no business running 20 sets.

    stick to 12 sets

    9sets of various presses
    3 sets of flyes...try not to do the same type of flyes every week

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    Quote Originally Posted by w.a.r_32
    Flat BP 5x5
    Db Incline 4x8
    Flyes 2x10

    I highly recommend all IronMagLabs supplements!

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    Another thing to consider is varying your repetition ranges more. For example:

    Bench Press 3x3
    Incline DB Press 5x5
    Cable Flys 2x12
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    Quote Originally Posted by ForemanRules

    Thanks ForemanRules im gonna try your's tomarrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowPimp
    Another thing to consider is varying your repetition ranges more. For example:

    Bench Press 3x3
    Incline DB Press 5x5
    Cable Flys 2x12

    We dont have a machine to do Cable Flys on at our school

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