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protein absorption

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    protein absorption

    Question for you all.... and I already did a search on the question with no luck...
    We all know that Whey Protein is digested very quickly. So, if I am taking just a Whey Protein shake alone, will that not really absorb. In other words, am I just getting rid of the protein as soon as it passes through my stomach. As I am ingesting about 100g of Whey a day. I am now making sure to eat something along with the Whey shake, even if it as small as a banana. My thought is that the protein will mix with the food and slow the rate at which it is expelled. I was just eating actual food around 4 or 5 times a day, and on off-hours taking the Whey alone. I checked Casein but that stiff is way more expensive than Whey.
    So, what do you all think, Whey alone, or with food or am I just fu####d in the head. Which is more likely that not that I'm F####d in the head. But that is normal for me......

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    i always consume whey with food, my line of thought is a similar one to yours, that it will be digested better if eaten with whole foods, as they will slow the digestion process of it slightly

    the only time i don't take my whey with other whole food sources is PWO, when i mix it with simple sugars as i want absorption to be rapid (oh with and a ripe banana but that isn't going to slow digestion a whole lot!)

    as for other protein sources such as casien, milk, egg... i don't bother, not only are they more expensive they are also of a poorer quality (the powderized versions), if your going to use a protein supp make sure its whey, i've tried casiens and blends in place of my whey before bed before, and TBH i didn't like the taste, price or results, i'll stick to my meats and cottage cheese if i want a slow digesting protein

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