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Thread: Superdrol

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    Just curious because of friend at my school is doing this..

    He is 15 and is taking a very small amount of SD less than 10mg and the recommended dose is 20mg(not sure). But I tryed telling him that this is still harmful even tho the dosage is cut in less than half but he will not listen.. Can someone tell me some good advice to tell him so that he will no longer continue to use anabolics. He is only 15.

    Thanks i really appreciate it.

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    that kid is a fuckn idiot, tell him his growth plates willl close up and he will stop growing at 15, fuckn kids like that r a joke, how is he taking less than 10 seeing as it comes in 10 mg caps, what an idiot
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    If he doesn't listen to his friends he's unlikely he'll listen to us. I guess he'll learn the hard way and end up on Oprah saying how steroids ruined his life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redspy
    end up on Oprah saying how steroids ruined his life.
    Thats where Dr. Phil comes in.

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    Is he making any gains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myCATpowerlifts
    Is he making any gains?
    he is making pretty solid gains being his 2nd week..

    but thanks guy's im gonna tell him what you told me and see how it goes..

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