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    ~sore nipple~

    lately i have stopped doing benchpress and i switched too dbpress and last monday my pecs were sore for 2-3days after and i did em yesterday and my pecs are sore too today and prolly will be tomorrow too...well anyway my right nipple is sore when i push it in or do anything to it...any reasons why?

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    That's kind of strange if it's just the nipple. Are you sure no other part hurts when you press it in, or is it not the usual DOMS feeling?
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    Are you sure no other part hurts when you press it in

    it feels like right behind the nipple...well i'll b back on later right now i'm gonna go run ome sprints

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    Quote Originally Posted by muscle_01
    my right nipple is sore when i push it in or do anything to it...any reasons why?
    Try taking the thumb tack off your finger before pressing your nipple.
    Rules? You mean we have RULES for that???

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    Does you nipple look swollen at all, can you feel a small lump behind it?

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    yes i is it?

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    gyno, but if ur not juicen or taken anything dont worry bout it, ur a young kid and that shit happens to everyone, it will stop and ull b fine
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    Have you been hanging the 10 lb plates from your nipple piercing again???

    Some times I get that when I run or do alot of jump rope, My nipples rub against my shirt and gets raw and sore????? If so try using non-fragrance detergent in your laundry, that helped me.

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